Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Edible Flowers Make Lovely Tea

I am stuck in a dilemma--garden or studio? Planting or painting? Oh, and I could use a cup of tea!
Well, who says you can't do it all?
I ended up racing the late afternoon light, so I'll stop for now. I decided to keep the teapot lighter than the actual subject. It just seems to suit the floral mood.

There's an additional photo of the subject with preliminary pencil sketch on my IG at michelecooperart


  1. As usual...nicely done! I'd go for painting in the studio...but it it was warmer outside maybe painting in the garden.

    1. Thanks so much, Joan. As usual, I am working right down to the wire on my 2016 Sketchbook Project! Did you see that they moved? Now their new building has classrooms and studio space! And I nearly went blind trying to sketch in full sun! LOL