Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Have you ordered your Perfect Sketchbook yet?

Want a "custom designed" sketchbook with your name embossed on the cover?
Read all about this Indiegogo project here or search #theperfectsketchbook
I carry my pocket sized perfectsketchbook everywhere. 
It just so happens that two of my favorite watercolor papers are used in these sketchbooks:
Saunders Waterford in the pocket version and Fabriano Artistico in the new larger B-5 version. 

There is still time to get one! I got some with my name embossed on the front.
You might even win a pocket version and a travel brush! There are just 11 days left! Check it out!


  1. Hmmm. It's a B-5 and that's kinda big 10.25 x 7.125. If it was A-5, I might be interested but B-5 is larger than I normally use. Though not by much.

  2. Ack! You're right, Kate. B-5 it is! I can only say that this cold is affecting me in all the wrong ways!

    I like the options you get with the larger size since I often put more than one sketch on a page. I will have to see if I want to carry that size on a daily basis, though.

  3. I know people who had the last one and loved it. Seem like a bigger size than I would use.

  4. Thanks for your share Michele. Love your work. The B5 is the Perfect Size for composing work :) Big enough for both landscape or portrait composition but small enough to fit into a small bag :) Thanks again for your back and good luck to the lucky draw

    1. Thanks, Erwin. Congrats on your super successful project! I KNEW something was up when I saw those sketches posted on your IG.

      Looking forward to trying out my new, larger Perfect Sketchbook. Can't wait!