Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend painters

I have an idea for a regular or semi regular feature on my blog here. I've been wondering how many weekend painters there are out there who just like to stay at home and have a little fun with watercolor on their own.

I love to paint but I also enjoy teaching almost as much. Part of the enjoyment of teaching is thinking of lessons that would help other painters improve their skills. What would you think if I posted a challenge like the one on a previous Sunday and then just let you have your way with it?

If you're in, then let me know how often you think you'd  like to do this: once a month, every other week, every Sunday?
Since I teach regular classes and workshops, this would have to work with my time available, of course. :)Sund

1 comment:

  1. i would like to try it once a month but i can jump in any time. I find i sometimes have the MOST basic questions.. like where do i start... give me some basic steps... so.. for me.....any is good.