Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Plein Air Vineyard

"Richard's Vines"
Original Plein Air Watercolor by Michele Cooper
Size: 8x10

What a fun day I had!
There's a new winery and vineyard preparing to open in October. It's not too far from where I live and today I decided to go out and see what the sunshine, warm temperatures and summer light had to offer.

Here I am on location with the subject (tiny in the distance from this viewpoint).

I finished the painting about 99% in the field and then brought it back to the studio for a few little tweaks.

This is my "Plein Air Car Kit" ready for action. When the weather is this nice, the passenger seat turns into a nice shady mobile studio. No easel necessary. I stand outside in the shade and paint away.

When the weather's not so accommodating, it all works just as well while sitting inside the car.

Want to put together a kit of your own? Click the link for a description of the zip up kit and its contents. (I used the Yarka 12 pan set from the Starter Kit today.)
My Watercolor Starter Kits for Beginners have everything but the sponge, cup and water bottle. See here for more information.

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