Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plein Air Sidewalk

 This is the view out the south window of my studio. We have been having some fantastic sunny weather here in the Pacific NW.  I'm sitting at my desk, working on ......desk stuff....and the urge to go out and paint is irresistible.

 I've spent some time making a contour drawing with a 2b pencil on 140# D'Arches watercolor paper.

Whew! these black pants are burning me up! No time!

Now for the rest of my setup! I have so many outdoor painting kits, you wouldn't believe! Just search this blog for descriptions of a few (watercolor outdoor kit, and/or plein air).

So what do I use for painting 4 feet away from the studio? A camp chair, cardboard box, folding palette, two or three brushes and a water container. I just flick the excess water off my brush into the bushes, no need for a sponge.

Gotta stop, haul everything back into the studio, shower, change and zip off for my night class at SVC. Weather's supposed to be good tomorrow, so I'll take this up again then. I'll update this post with the finished painting as soon as it's done.
Stay tuned! :-

It took a while, but here is the finished painting.

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