Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watercolor Starter Kits for Beginners

 For those starting watercolor for the first time, it can be an expensive enterprise to buy all the supplies you need for your first class.

Maybe you're not even sure you will like watercolor and just want to try it out.

I've put together a Watercolor Starter Kit especially for those taking my classes and Art & Wine Workshops.

Cost: $25.00  (delivered in class or pick up at my studio)
What's Inside:
1 mechanical pencil with eraser
1 waterproof  support for watercolor paper
1 high quality 12-color watercolor paint set, semi-moist pans
2 watercolor brushes, 1 small detail and 1 large round
3 sheets of 140# professional quality watercolor paper (can be used on both sides)
Helpful pages on color mixing, technique and more,  to get you started.

Just enough to get you started the first day of class and keep you going for the rest of an eight week series. (It comes with enough paper to get started, but you will need to resupply as you use it up.)

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