Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Watercolor Video Lesson

Iris Fields
5x7" Original Watercolor
by Michele Cooper

Foregrounds and value studies seem to be two of the most challenging aspects of painting a watercolor landscape.

This subject was covered in one of my recent classes, but I wanted to connect those two aspects to a finished example. So several days later, long nights and editing out lawnmower sounds and a tiny spider descending into frame from my skylight............and......VoilĂ ! I have one more YouTube demonstration to add to my channel!

You can watch it right here on my blog or click the little rectangle to the right of the YouTube logo in the lower right corner of the video to see full screen here or on YouTube. Let me know what you think, okay?


  1. Thanks Michele, that was great and especially seeing this painting finished after you started it in class! 1/3 way through my second sketch journal! Been on the road in the RV so a great way to paint when I can't set up my whole easel etc! Thanks for the encouragement! Karen W

  2. hi michele! i watched your video and it was great!! thanks so much-it was nice to be in "class" with you again. i can watch this over and over and keep getting info. best, maggie miller

  3. Michele. Your video is fantastic! You are stirring up the painting juices for me! Sue M

  4. Hi Michele! Your video was clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing with us. Cindy W.