Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sketchbook Project in Seattle this weekend

Here's a link to the project in Seattle on vimeo.
The pages on the left are from the theme "In Flight" by Julia Jandrisits.

We were there on Saturday and it was a crush! The owner, curator, of the gallery said there were 120 visitors on Friday and probably around 250 expected by the end of the day Saturday. We were there around 1:30 and there was a line out the door, people reading and sitting on the stairs inside and on chairs and ledges outside.

One of the co-founders, Steven Peterman, was at the door while we were there and told us how the books were transported from city to city.

Read the article in the Seattle Times with a few photos from the show. Just saw something on the Project website that reports 1,000 viewers over the 3 days in Seattle.

If you missed it, there's a digital library where you can view the ones that were digitized so far. I'll be reading a lot of these, since I didn't get my fill at the gallery.

(I have mine rebound with empty pages ready to go for the 2012 tour)

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