Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michele's South Pacific Studio

Short list of "studio supplies" for painting in Hawaii:

Sunshine, tropical breezes, palms, swimming pool, beach one block away, sunscreen, hat, camera, watercolor paper, paints, travel kit with brushes, pencil, eraser, water, sponge, Starbucks coffee and blueberry scone.

Have I forgotten anything?


  1. So please expand on the "travel kit" for those of us lucky enough to be planning trips to places with "tropical breezes, palms, etc.!

  2. Click on the photo, then once more to zoom in and you will see that my very simple travel kit came with:

    A set of 12 Artist's quality tubes of watercolor, 5 brushes and a zip up case. I used the plastic paint tube holder for a palette. I added a sponge, pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener. For a water container I cut down an empty water bottle and removed the label. I wrapped a few rubber bands around it and it fits over a full water bottle, inverted on top.

    The bulldog clip keeps the paper on my 10x14" Arches watercolor pad from blowing in the wind.

    It all fits easily into a backpack or beach bag with a towel and sunscreen. I packed the pad and zipped up kit in my checked baggage for the trip home.