Saturday, September 4, 2010

Demo from France

Lavender in Provence
11"x15" Original Watercolor

A recent demonstration using my previous work for reference.

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  1. Hi Michele ~ I'm enjoying the Emails you are sending, with your paintings! Thank you for including me in your mailing.

    I re-matted the original painting I have of yours - The picture of the beautiful flowers in a container, is now surrounded by an ocher & golden cream mat instead of the blue. The picture looks totally different and now compliments my new color scheme and decor. This is the 3rd or 4th color change (mat & or frame) the painting has undergone in my possession. Each change bringing me a new look and as your painting continues to grace my home - new joy.

    I wish you a warm and wonderful Fall filled with the colorful display only Mother Nature can bring to the season. An artist, such as yourself, must appreciate this time of year as the trees change color. Inspiration, to an artist, comes in many forms but the changing palette of Fall must certainly be one of them. Keep on painting! Your friend, Arlene H.