Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Artist a Day

An Artist a Day at Bellevue Art & Frame
August 19, 2010
Noon -4pm

Artist in Action, Michele Cooper

Come and see me paint on August 19 at Bellevue Art & Frame's new store!
Every day in August, between noon.and 4 P.M., a different artist will create a painting, drawing, collage, or print in the medium of his or her choice.
Artists will work in the art department. The public is invited to drop in each day to watch as artists create their paintings and drawings. As each piece is finished, the canvases will be returned to their place in the gallery. Bid sheets will accompany each art piece. The public may bid on works by silent auction from August 1 through September 25th.
All funds will benefit the Bellevue Schools Foundation.

Here's how you can help: I have all sorts of ideas of what I should paint and what would be the best subject for an auction like this. Got any ideas? For examples, you can visit my gallery of work on my website at

Please send me your comments and suggestions and I will post them here until August 18.

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